Dimand S.A. Office Complex

Building description

NameDimand S.A. Office Complex
LocationMaroussi, Attica, Greece
Building OwnerRavago Hellas BS
PartnerNational & Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA)
Type of buildingOffice complex
Use typeOffices, meeting rooms, auxiliary spaces etc.

The Building

The multilevel office building developed on the triangular plot consists of 2 main wings, running parallel to each other East to West. These are connected by a third building volume on the Eastern side, thus forming an irregular U shape, which is surrounded by gardens and encompasses a court yard with water bodies. The longer southern arm of the “U” consists of 4 above-ground levels, while the shorter northern arm has only 2 levels. The total gross square footage is 9.913,23 m2, 5.809,29 m2 of which are underground and 4.103,94 m2 are above ground. The building is occupied by a combination of open-space office areas, meeting rooms and enclosed offices along with the necessary auxiliary spaces, such as restrooms, kitchens and M&E areas. The complex embraces an outdoor plaza and is surrounded by green areas, only interrupted by a small parking area off to the northern end of the plot. The building is under LEED Gold certification process. The construction was completed in 2018.

Quality Management

Both Technical Monitoring (Tmon) and Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) have been implemented in a part of the building. Prior to the implementation, the performance objectives were determined according to the project and to the building requirements. Technical installations were carried out in order to cover the needs of the existing BMS system and at the same time to test and validate the system’s accuracy as in some monitored parameters accuracy issues have been detected. The technical performance of the equipment was tested and compared with the building energy measurements. Additionally, in order to compare POE with the existing indoor environment, an experimental campaign was carried out in the building including measurements for thermal comfort, indoor air quality and outdoor conditions. 

Building’s technical equipment

System/typePower, source/fuel type, size, circuits …Selected for QM-process
HeatingHeat Pumps
  • AHUs
  • VRV Systems
Hot water storageElectrical water heatersNo
CoolingHeat Pumps
  • AHUs
  • VRV Systems
Ventilation9 AHUs35.000m3/h (TOTAL)Yes
Electrical supply1. PPC (Public Power Corporation), [main source]
2. Diesel generator [Standby source] ,
1. General loads (lighting, power sockets, fans, etc)
2. General loads (lighting, power sockets, fans, etc],
3.Critical loads (Fire detection, racks, servers, etc)

Energy Performance (Evaluation of Savings)

Baseline (kWh/a)Savings (kWh/a)%Savings (kg/a)
Heating Energy1 013 34057 6005,717 850
Cooling Energy1 94 84719 1009,810 800
Electricity4 67 7354 300<12430

Operational Performance