Faculty of Civil engineering CVUT

Building description

NameFaculty of Civil engineering Czech Technical University in Prague
LocationPrague, Czech Republic
Building OwnerCVUT
Type of buildingUniversity
Use typeLectures, Seminars, offices and snack bar

The Building

The faculty of civil engineering complex consists from four blocks with total indoor area 51200 m2. The building was built in 70s of 20th centuries. Since that time some refurbishment interventions have been carried out. In 2013, the overall reconstruction of block A of the perimeter construction was completed. The lightweight skin, which is fifty percent glazed, has a U value corresponding to a standard requirement. However, installation of airtight new façade opened the question about ventilation and problem with high level of C02 concentration in classrooms and offices. For this reason, air handling units were installed in some offices and seminars rooms between 2015  –  2018. In this time, cooling system is installed only in the lectures halls. The overheating problem that occurs at the southwest oriented part with offices is partially prevented by external blinds.

Quality Management

Due to the complexity of the whole university building, Tmon was focused only on some parts of the technical system. During this project two AHU was monitored a tested.

  • AHU lecture room
  • AHU offices
Building owner:CVUT Praha
Facility Management:CVUT (Metasys® Building Automation System)

AHU lecture room:
The capacity of the lecture hall is 200 students. However, most of the time the number of the students is significantly lower. This unit provides ventilation, heating and cooling. Although the unit has been installed in recent times, there are many dissatisfied feedbacks from teachers and students, where are addressed to unsuitable indoor environmental parameters. AHU offices: Monitoring of the AHU started 17th April when the unit was put into the operation. The ventilation unit for the administrative block ensures pressure balanced ventilation of offices. It is equipped with a water heater and a highly efficient cross exchanger for recovering heat from the waste air. The operation of the unit is temperature-controlled and, for some offices, the CO2 concentration.

Building’s technical equipment

System/typePower, source/fuel type, size, circuits …Selected for QM-process
HeatingDistrict heating
(heat exchanger steam – water)
  • Radiators
  • AHU heating
Hot water storageIndirect heating storage tanks (heat exchanger steam – water) Central DHW water tank 4x1000 lNo
  • AHU in lectures hall only
VentilationLocal devices for lectures rooms Two central for offices and seminars roomspartially
Cold sourceChillerNo
LightingMainly fluorescent tubeElectricity from gridNo
Electrical supply230V/380VElectricity from grid
Backup generator

Energy Performance (Evaluation of Savings)

Baseline (kWh/a)Savings (kWh/a)%Savings (kg/a)
Heating EnergyAHU lecture: 76217
AHU offices: 7200
AHU lecture: 28882
AHU offices: 103
AHU lecture: 37
AHU offices: 1
Cooling Energy--0-
ElectricityAHU lecture: 5184
AHU offices: 650
AHU lecture: 2923
AHU offices: 52
AHU lecture: 56
AHU offices: 8

Operational Performance


The several problems in operation of air handling units were detected within application performance test bench. The biggest potential for energy saving in lecture room represents the reducing of outdoor air supplying during the time with no occupants. The room for improvement has been identified in the quality of the indoor environment in the context of occupant