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Quality Management Systems (QMS) have big potential to reduce the gap between the calculated and actual energy performance of the European building stock. The EU funded project QUANTUM is developing and will demonstrate pragmatic services and appropriate tools, suitable for widespread use, to support QMS for building performance in the design, construction, commissioning and operation phases.


Quality Management in the ongoing EPBD review
During the REHVA Brussels Summit Conference, the Managing Director of REHVA Anita Derjanecz listed the pros and cons of the ITRE report – starting point for the ongoing EU trialogue on the review of the Energy performance of Building Directive (EPBD) - from a Quality Management perspective, mentioning the role of QUANTUM project in addressing the shortcomings.

Quality Management in the ongoing EPBD review

New guideline for the quality management of HVAC installations published by German government
The new guideline for the Quality Management of HVAC installations, published by the German Federal Ministry of Construction, defines for the first time the process from building design planning to commissioning and operation with a clear and precise tender document, and establishes the role of an independent quality manager. QUANTUM partners synavision and IGS TU Braunschweig contributed to these guidelines and are now holding workshops throughout Germany to support their implementation. On 17 and 21 November workshops were held in Braunschweig, Frankfurt am Main and Berlin and more (national and international) workshops are in progress.


Confortmeter tool

WELL endorses Comfortmeter for surveying Occupant Indoor Environmental Quality
The International WELL Building Institute has recently accepted the QUANTUM tool Comfortmeter as equivalent to the Occupant Indoor Environmental Quality Survey which is required in the WELL certification procedure. This is a major step forward in the worldwide commercialization of Comfortmeter, as the WELL Building Standard is changing the way people think about buildings.

The WELL scheme explores how design, operations and behaviours within the places where people work and live can be optimized to advance human health and well-being. These goals fit well with Comfortmeter, which is a Post Occupancy Survey tool applied in Europe in various standards to measure the comfort satisfaction of building occupants.

Net zero energy building Progetto Botticelli (Sicily)

A smart nZEB passive house in a warm climate as QUANTUM demo building
The net zero energy building Progetto Botticelli, located in Sicily, has been selected as demo building to test the QUANTUM project tools. This residential building is Passivhaus-certified and it represents an interesting example of nZEB in Mediterranean climate. The building implements a monitoring and control system designed by eERG Group of Politecnico of Milano.

Energy and comfort data analysed during the first monitoring seasons showed high level performance both in heating and cooling seasons. The application of QUANTUM tools is expected to further enhance the building performances.

Digital Quality Management for Commissioning of a Research Building
Synavision has successfully applied its software tool on the commissioning process of the HVAC installations of the new research center for applied materials (CAM) of the University of Heidelberg, Germany. The 22 million Euro building has implemented a highly complex energy concept. Thanks to synavision, it was possible to detect optimization potential in terms of energy and comfort and to support the operation and maintenance staff on site.

QUANTUM @ Next Facades Conference

QUANTUM field study results @ Next Facades Conference
QUANTUM partners from University of Athens and Factor4 presented partial results from the comfort assessments in QUANTUM demo buildings at the Next Façades Conference, held in Munich on 7 November. The field investigation was performed with the Comfortmeter tool, which allowed the assessment of possible causes and solutions to users’ dissatisfaction.


QUANTUM conquers Rome
On 27 November Energy Team was invited to the Italian launch of the H2020 Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy Work Programme 2018-2020, held by APRE (Italian Agency for promotion of EU research) in the ENEL conference centre in Rome. The event was also used as an opportunity for Energy Team to present to the Italian Banks Association the link between Quality Management, value of building and reducing risk in financing energy efficiency projects.

Showcasing QUANTUM tools for building performance optimization
On 14 November 2017, e7 organized an in-house event to introduce various approaches for building optimization to potential customers. The use of the QUANTUM tools was a key element. The application was illustrated using the example of the demonstration building project and was showcased by a statement from the buildings’ internal facility manager.


QUANTUM @ “Digitization as a driver for process optimization” congress
Digitalization in the construction sector offers a huge opportunity for introducing quality management services in building projects. On November 21st, e7 further presented the QUANTUM project during the "Digitization as a driver for process optimization" congress, hosted by the information platform IG Lebenszyklus Bau.

Synavision enters in partnership with MBS for automated data collection
Due to the variety of protocols used in building automation operators are struggling to use digital solutions and to support customers in gaining easy data access. To find a solution to this issue, Synavision recently started a partnership with MBS. MBS is a company specializing in the development of Gateways which are able to access, read, connect, convert and send all the information required by synavision for the digital performance analyses of buildings.


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