BitStone Capital invests in synavision

Bielefeld, December 6th, 2018 – BitStone Capital, internationally operating Venture Capital Investor and Company Builder has expanded its portfolio of innovative proptech startups by investing in the building technology specialist synavision GmbH.


Excellent news for the QUANTUM tool "Digital Test Bench"!


Read here the full synavision press release:


synavision develops innovative methodologies and tools for digital quality management for the building industry. With its software-as-a-service platform “Digital Test Bench”, synavision specifies complex functionalities of building services and automation and controls and tests them in commissioning and operation. For the first time, owners, engineers, contractors and operators receive detailed and transparent requirements and evaluations of the building performance.


Kai Panitzki, Managing Partner of BitStone Capital, says: “Our investment in synavision is an important building block of our strategy to link digital business models for buildings to unique services. synavision will help us to deploy the necessary processes to successfully use the potential of smart building technologies.”


The synavision team is enthusiastic about BitStone Capitals engagement. “All stakeholders in construction projects know that we will only be able to benefit from modern building technologies if we massively improve the quality of engineering, construction and operation,“ emphasizes synavision founder and CEO Dr. Stefan Plesser. “For this challenge, synavision has created a key technology. Teaming up with BitStone Capital allows to further strengthen our technology edge and to introduce digital quality management in real estate along the whole life cycle of buildings.”


synavision seed-investor Dirk. U. Hindrichs underlines: “After showing the demand for cost-effective quality management in more than 250 buildings, the investment of BitStone Capital will help us to establish synavision as a brand for quality management and to roll out the software on a large scale.”


In the future, buildings will have a lot of new technical features and “smart” functionalities – from cloud-based communication between individual components to artificial intelligence to perfectly support users. synavision’s Digital Test Bench allows for specifying these functionalities within a digital model. Thereby, performance requirements can be well defined and securely be contracted. Via interfaces, these requirements will be tested transparently and fully automated during commissioning, before handover and in continuous operation. For the first time, synavision allows to bridge the gap between design and operation through an effective quality management process. This will be a key-technology to ensure perfect energy efficiency, healthy indoor environmental qualities and durability of building services in smart buildings.


synavision is currently involved in the “QUANTUM”- project funded by the European Union within its research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. The project supports the development of information and communication technologies for buildings to reduce their gap between design intend and real performance in operation. “QUANTUM is a great opportunity for synavision as a startup”, says CEO Dr. Stefan Plesser, ”helping us to bring our software to market level and to immediately start roll out on European level!”


About BitStone Capital

BitStone Capital is an internationally operating company builder and venture capital investor selectively focusing on innovative digital real-asset business models, and also accelerates their growth with own resources. BitStone supports young companies with its outstanding network, excellent industry know-how and broad expertise in new technologies.


About synavision

synavision GmbH has been founded by researchers of Technische Universität Braunschweig und RWTH Aachen and develops digital tools for quality management for the building industry. synavision’s software “Digital Test Bench” enables quality management through digital specification, testing and supervision for perfect building performance.


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