Comfortmeter surveys in 20 VDAB buildings in Belgium

Comfort conditions of 2800 employees in 20 VDAB office buildings across Flanders were analyzed through Comfortmeter surveys. This initiative well depicts the growing awareness of the role of comfort in office buildings.

Factor4 has conducted Comfortmeter surveys in 20 buildings of the Public Employment Service of Flanders (Belgium) (VDAB).


VDAB’s Facility Management Department preferred to go beyond their usual technical monitoring dashboards, by directly polling the opinion of their employees with respect to their workplace satisfaction. The survey covered various metrics, such as: thermal and acoustic comfort, quality of air and light, office layout, building cleanliness and appearance as well as the quality of the catering services.


The survey was sent to 2800 VDAB employees. The satisfaction scores of each of the buildings was compared to the other VDAB buildings but also to the more than 200 buildings in the Comfortmeter database. A major outcome of the survey was the challenge of sound privacy, which is basically related to working in an open plan office. Also thermal comfort in winter appeared to be an operational issue to further look into. On the other hand, in many of the VDAB buildings, employees appreciated the possibility to be able to manually open the windows of their workspace, a very elementary comfort parameter that Factor4 has also earmarked in various other surveys.


Factor4 is currently working on a detailed list with recommendations that may be derived from the findings of the comfort satisfaction survey.


Feel free to contact Comfortmeter’s account manager directly at info(at)




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