German Guidelines on Technical Monitoring of buildings now available in English

QUANTUM cooperation with AMEV working group led to the publication of an English version of AMEV TMon guidelines. This translation is an asset for scaling up the good practices of Quality Management beyond the German market.

AMEV Recommendation n.135, “ Technical monitoring as an instrument for quality assurance of building technology" was published in German by the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Working Party of National, Regional and Local Authorities of Germany (AMEV) in August 2017. Within QUANTUM project, these guidelines were translated into English and are now freely available online.

This is a key publication for the market uptake of Quality Management practices in the building sector. For the first time, an official recommendation defines the process from design planning to commissioning and operation with a clear and precise tender document and it establishes the role of a third-party quality manager to ensure the buildings’ functional and economic commissioning and continuous operation. To know more, read the latest QUANTUM press release.


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Quality Management and technical monitoring at the REHVA Brussels Summit Conference

On Tuesday 13 November QUANTUM project coordinator Stefan Plesser gave a brilliant presentation to the audience of the REHVA Brussels Summit Conference.

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European Projects Join Forces - QUANTUM EMPOWER(S)!

In a workshop in Lisbon the European projects QUANTUM and EMPOWER joined forces to reduce energy consumption in buildings.

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