QUANTUM workshop at Futurebuild

QUANTUM showcased its tools in a dedicated workshop session on 5 March during the Research, Education, Practice Workshop in the Knowledge Forum

On the 5th-7th March 2019, Futurebuild had held an exhibition event at Excel London. The aim of Futurebuild was to tackle the biggest challenges impacting the industries. The theme of the conference 'Time for Action' was to provide all the visitors with insight and experience around the latest technology regulations which inspired visitors to act through insights from leading experts. The collaborative forums where a place for visitors to develop plans for implementing change and proposing action for a more sustainable future


The QUANTUM-Project workshop was held on the 5th of March at the Knowledge Forum between 15:00-16:10 titled: "The QUANTUM-Project: New Standards, Tools and Services for Quality Management of Building Performance" presented by Stefan Plesser, CEO, Synavision, Michele Liziero, Energy Manager, Energy Team and Benjamin De Bruyn, Consultant, Factor4. The workshop was split into five sections beginning with an introduction of the research project which had then entered a deeper dive to the 3 three innovative ICT driven tools. The workshop ended with questions and discussions. To read learn more on Future Build 2019 and their future events, please visit their website: Futurebuild





REHVA's Guidebook n.29 is now available in German language

REHVA partners have translated the Guidebook n.29 about Quality Managent for Buildings in German

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QUANTUM project was presented at EMEX London

EMEX brought together leading experts, policy makers and suppliers to address energy use and carbon emissions from the building services sector.

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QUANTUM publication was presented at IAQVEC International conference in September, in Bari, Italy

The 2019 conference was dedicated to healthy nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

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