A Review of Systems and Technologies for Smart Homes and Smart Grids

In the actual era of smart homes and smart grids, advanced technological systems that allow the automation of domestic tasks are developing rapidly. There are numerous technologies and applications that can be installed in smart homes today. They enable communication between home appliances and users, and enhance home appliances’ automation, monitoring and remote control capabilities.

Within QUANTUM project, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) developed the article "A Review of Systems and Technologies for Smart Homes and Smart Grids" to investigate the current status and future trends of technologies for smart homes and their link with smart grids.

In this freely downloadable paper published on Energies 2016, the authors introduce the technical description of the systems before pointing out advantages and disadvantages of each technology and product today available on the market. The article discusses also the barriers, benefits and challenges of the technologies as well as the important role of users.


REHVA's Guidebook n.29 is now available in German language

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QUANTUM project was presented at EMEX London

EMEX brought together leading experts, policy makers and suppliers to address energy use and carbon emissions from the building services sector.

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QUANTUM publication was presented at IAQVEC International conference in September, in Bari, Italy

The 2019 conference was dedicated to healthy nearly Zero Energy Buildings.

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