Prague Congress Centre

Building description

NamePrague Congress Centre
LocationPrague, Czech Republic
Building OwnerMinistry of Finance CR and Municipality of Prague
PartnerENESA a.s.
Type of buildingMultipurpose congress centre
Use typeCongress / concert halls, exhibition spaces, meeting rooms, offices, clubs,…

The Building

Prague Congress Centre (PCC) is a large neofunctionalist multipurpose congress building in the Czech Republic capital Prague. It was built between 1976 and 1981. The building consists of two parts – main congress centre building AB with three underground floors and six above-ground floors and building C – hotel and office spaces. PCC has several halls with total capacity of 9,300 persons. Varied events such as meetings, congresses, concerts, festivals and balls are regularly held in the building. Large refurbishment took place between 1998 and 2000, following EPC project took place in 2016.

Quality Management

Innovative and complex project approach known as Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) was used for significant refurbishment accompanied with the implementation of energy efficiency and facility improvements in Prague Congress Centre. TMon / Cx tools were used for efficiency evaluation among other methods characteristic of EPC:

  • Pre and Post Modernisation Evaluation of building performance using Comfortmeter
  • The building automation was tested both in a trial and regular operation
  • Following the trial, monitoring of building operation for the first two years of occupation was commenced.
Building owner:Ministry of Finance CR and Municipality of Prague
Facility Management:Prague Congress Centre
TMon/ CxENESA a.s.

Building’s technical equipment

System/typePower, source/fuel type, size, circuits …Selected for QM-process
Heating1 condensational boiler HOVAL 4MW
2 low-temperature boilers BOSCH 4MW
CHP unit TEDOM 653 kW (electrical output 500 kW)
Induction air conditioning units Air handling units
  • Floor heating
  • thermoregulating components
  • base demand for electricity covered
  • central air heating
Hot water storageCentrally in engine room with 3 storage tanks
  • Capacity of tank 7 m3
CoolingInduction air conditioning units Air handling unitsYes
VentilationTwo engine rooms
Over 170 air handling units
  • Total air volume 2.8 million m3/hour
Cold sourceCascade of 4 chillers TRANE
Cooling towers
Free cooling in transitional and winter period
  • Chiller TRANE 932 kW
Electrical supply2 separate electricity energy supply lines on 22 kV voltage system
8 transformer stations UPS network
Own sources
  • 4 CATERPILLAR diesel aggregates
  • CHP unit TEDOM 653 kW

Energy Performance (Evaluation of Savings)

Baseline (kWh/a)Savings (kWh/a)%Savings (kg/a)
Heating Energy23,340,135 kWh/a7,693,321 kWh/a33,01,538,664
Cooling Energy15,025,852 kWh/a4,888,014 kWh/a32,55,718,976
Electricity64,166 m3/a2,754 m3/a4,3-

Operational Performance

Apart from appreciable improving of quality of technological systems and indoor environment, significant positive environmental and economic benefits were reached thanks to high level of Quality Management during each stage of EEMs designing and implementation. Although investment for energy efficiency measures implementation were massive (approximately 3,3 mil. EUR), simple payback period is lower than 5.5 years thanks to reached annual savings of costs for energy about 885,000 EUR. The annual savings are guaranteed by ESCO as main contractor and energy services / energy management provider.